We are using personal data just for cross verification purpose. We do not expose your NID/Passport,Certificate anywhere (Both offline/Online).

No, (If you have previous experience for this type of service you may know that lots of people around you who are taking your money and personal information. After that blocking you from everywhere.

We are not taking any membership fee to filter the wrong people. Due to the client safety concern, we use those personal information for crossverify each boy identiy.

Its unpredictable to guaranty or mentions the timeline. Getting the work fully depend on our client choice. Means which boy they are selecting. If any client select you nextday after you join its you can say your luck. There are some case boy got the work 3/4/6 month also we saw 1 years take to get the first job thorugh our platform. So you need to keep the trust on us.

Initial stage we collect some personal information from client to verify them. after that we share with them boy picture (Hidden face), Hight, weight, Body Colour, Penis information only.

If the client taking the service first time, then she getting the unhidden picture after confirming the service request. For old client who has taken the service earlier form us, she get it anytime when she ask.

For joining the team Need to provide bellow information. 1. Your Full name 2. Mobile number 3. Email ID 4. Your NID/Passport (Scan copy) 5. Your address prove (NID/Passport address section scan copy) 6. Job prove(If you are job holder need Office ID scan copy) 7. Education prove (certificate scan copy of your highest education that you had completed earlier) 8. Interested work area (Location) 9. Your Hight 10. Your Weight 11. Your penis Size (Length & Girth) 12. Your Body colour 13. 2/3 good looking picture that can help client to predict about you and impress client.

Sorry to say that, we will not able to add you untill all verification purpose requested information and document shared with us

We are not encouraging you to make the discussion with any other user (one to one) for your security concern. Lots of people around you, who are doing scamming/fraudulent activity and compromise others privacy. That's why whatever challenge you will face or have question simply ask us. we will response you asap.

Go to contact us page and write your details requirement. Our team will response you asap. or Open support ticket.

Yes, You can leave us anytime, just inform us about your decision. But before leaving need to follow bellow procedures and mutual acceptance. **If your hidden picture used earlier with any other picture(other boy) for our promotional advertising purposes, that would not be removed due to limitations and you need to accept that. **You will be prohibited to communicate with any of our clients ** You will not misuse or disclose any data or information that we have shared with you. **We will remove you from our list including all future client communication ** Always follow “stay safe by keeping others safe”